Discovery-based Comics Ed Programs by Marek Bennett, M.Ed.
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  • The Civil War Diary of Freeman Colby - 1862: A NEW HAMPSHIRE TEACHER GOES TO WAR
  • SLOVAKIA: Fall in the Heart of Europe - A graphic novel adventure of one rabbit’s quest for family among the roots and ruins of the Old World!
  • NICARAGUA Comics Travel Journal - (5.5"x8.5" ~ 204 pages ~ b&w w/ color cover) ~ Graphic novel account of 2009 Comics Delegation to northern Nicaragua
  • Breakfast At Mimi’s - Breakfast at Mimi's collects the first three years of "Mimi's Doughnuts" weekly comic strips. {WINNER of a 2008 XERIC AWARD!}
  • HOUR 72! - Graphic novel collection of Marek's first three 24 Hour Comics: "DOG BLESS AMERICA" + "CUPPY & THE GANG..." + "THE MAKING OF..."


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