The Freeman Colby Series

A graphic novel epic of the American Civil War… Drawn from the diaries & letters of the real people who lived it!

Vol. 1 : 1861-62 ➤
A Yankee schoolteacher goes to war! Drawn from Freeman Colby’s actual diary. (352 pages)

Vol. 2 : 1863 ➤
The continuing saga of Freeman Colby, featuring Nurse Sarah Low, Walt Whitman, Fannie Dawson, & more. (548 pages)

NOW DRAWING: Vol. 3: 1864

New pages appearing at the Patreon…

Vol. 3 will detail the events of 1864; Vol. 4 will detail late 1864-1865.

Marek Bennett’s historical graphic novel series details the adventures of NH school teacher Freeman Colby & several contemporaries in the Eastern Theater of the American Civil War.  Drawn entirely from primary source accounts, it portrays the day-to-day realities faced by a diverse cast of participants between 1861-1865.

Press Kit | Presentations | Hardcovers | School Book Orders

PLAYLIST: “How to Draw Freeman Colby”

Check out this growing list of videos demonstrating Marek’s stick-figure historical cartooning approach… Then try drawing your own!

Freeman Colby: From Primary Sources to Comics ➤

Take a behind-the-scenes look at some of the primary source texts & images that inform the graphic novels!

Freeman Colby Vol. 2:
Table of Contents ➤

Read the Patreon previews, complete with author notes & source links…


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