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Drawing Freeman Colby: Adventures of a New Hampshire School Teacher in the Civil War

Join cartoonist Marek Bennett as he reads from & discusses his ongoing graphic novel series, The Civil War Diary of Freeman Colby. Starting as an 8-page mini-comic adaptation from an old diary, the series has grown to detail the day-to-day adventures of NH school teacher Freeman Colby & several contemporaries during the American Civil War.  Drawn entirely from primary source accounts, it portrays the surprising realities faced by a diverse cast of participants between 1861-1865.

Bennett also discusses his 10-year process of researching & drawing the books, and answers your questions about historical cartooning & the Civil War.


Signed books for sale (plus mini-comics & other merchandise)

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COMICS WORKSHOP = Hands-on classes demonstrating how to make your own comics, based on local history sources (or otherwise). [Select age levels or family groups / 1-3 hours / 1-3 days]


I assume the host will supply the following equipment & facilities on the date of an in-person event:

Please contact Marek with any setup questions.

  • digital projector
  • screen / display surface
  • Display paper & easel or other display surface
  • Chairs for audience
  • Table space (for merchandise display & signing)


  • March through war-torn Virginia with teacher-turned-soldier Freeman Colby;
  • Start a Freedmen’s School with Harriet Jacobs;
  • Visit hospital wards & tend the wounded with volunteer nurse Sarah Low & poet Walt Whitman;
  • Learn how Abraham Tuckson plans to free his family from slavery;
  • & much more…

From Primary Sources to Comics ➤

Building characters & storylines from multiple primary sources…

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