Math-related doodles & minis from COMICS WORKSHOP:

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Watch Your Step

Three-point perspective staircase distortion, drawn at Currier Art Museum …

Escher Exhibit

Journal comic inspired by a recent visit to the Currier Museum’s mind-bending exposition…

Hotel Infinity

“Up ahead in the distance, / I saw a shimmering light…”:

Pythagorean Maxims #1-15

“Rules of the Good Life,” according to one of Ancient Greece’s most amazing mathematicians …

100 Pounds of Apples

Here’s a delicious puzzle with a counter-intuitive result, based on the “potato paradox”:

Talkin’ 2×2=5 Blues

Are we allowed to do talkin’ blues algebra proofs? ~ If NOT, maybe this is why — here’s one inspired by Lewis Carroll. ~…

Math Flower

“When are we ever gonna see this in the REAL WORLD?”

Recursive Load

I’ve been thinking about recursion lately, which of course (if you think about it) usually means I’m thinking about thinking about recursion, which of…

Archimedes’ Fatal Work Ethic

You have to respect a mathematician who’s so engrossed in his work that he doesn’t even notice the Romans invading his city…

Dinner-Party Puzzle Fail

Charles Dodgson (a.k.a. Lewis Carroll) learns how NOT to perform post-prandial high-stakes testing…

Alexander Horned Sphere

Sometimes you have to draw such a thing before it jumps up and comes to life and runs away on you …

Decision Tree

Discrete Regretroactology is the study of finite sequences of decisions and their effects on the appearances of stick figures involved in them …

Pythagoras Tree

It takes some careful attention to grow a healthy specimen …

Cantor Angel

At first glance, your typical Cantor Set can appear rather stilted & stodgy… But what if there were a different way to envision this…

More Knots

I guess technically some of these are knots, and some are… well… not.

Prime Spirals

Just playing around a bit with the Ulam spiral… It makes me want to cover the walls with

Borromean Rings

They look like they’re tightly knotted, but if you look closely you’ll see that no two rings are linked with each other…

Distorted Koch Curve

This one started as a koch curve design, with vertices stretched to fill the rectangular page:

Infinite Doodle

It might not look it, but adding all the details to this drawing took FOREVER.

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  1. Hi Marek, I love your math drawings! Do these drawings relax you or induce frustration? Or something in between?

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