Marek Bennett makes & teaches comics & music in New Hampshire, USA, and the world beyond…


NH-based cartoonist, musician, and educator Marek Bennett leads discovery-based Comics Workshops for all ages throughout New England and the world beyond!  His comics work includes the graphic novel series, The Civil War Diary of Freeman Colby, as well as drawing, translating, & editing for The Most Costly Journey (2021) with the bilingual El Viaje Project. In September 2022, both books were featured at the National Book Festival in Washington DC.

Marek is the recipient of the 2021 New Hampshire Governor’s Arts Award for Art Education.

His website is:




“We invite Vermont communities to take part in Vermont Reads 2022 by planning projects centered around The Most Costly Journey and its themes of migration, farming, mental health, cartooning, family, labor movements, and the Latinx experience, among others.”

(The Most Costly Journey)

2021 NH Governor’s Arts Award: Arts Education

“Cartoonist Marek Bennett is a teaching artist who serves as an inspiring model for students, educators and other artists. His work is brilliant, playful, relevant and infused with compassion and deep understanding of the world as it is, was and might be. He illuminates ideas of all kinds through his drawings, and helps students and their teachers see how they, too, can use this highly accessible artform – whatever their age, experience, talent, or level of confidence – as a way to learn, grow and communicate in any subject area.

FINALIST: “2020 Excellence in Graphic Literature Awards: Best in Young Adult/Non-Fiction” / Pop Culture Classroom (The Civil War Diary of Freeman Colby Vol. 2: 1863)

FINALIST: “Best Graphic Novel 2019” / National Cartoonists Society 2020 Reuben Awards (The Civil War Diary of Freeman Colby Vol. 2: 1863)

“Great Graphic Novel for Teens” / Y.A.L.S.A. 2017 (The Civil War Diary of Freeman Colby)

“Best of NH 2016” / NH Magazine (The Hardtacks)

“Stephen C. Foster Arts & Culture Award” / Civil War Round Table of the Merrimack (The Hardtacks)


Marek is a rostered artist / presenter with the following organizations:


Drawn in response to questions from a student project by “D–” (from New Hampshire):

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  1. Hi, I’m a writer living in Henniker. We met once this December walking in the woods. I have been working on several books. One is about a diary I kept when I was on welfare when my son was small, and I have been thinking about making it into a comic book/graphic novel. Wonder if you would like to work together. You can look at my work at Hope to see you soon. Tara

  2. Good walking and talking with you and Maddy this evening at the Cowboy Poetry gathering areas.

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