NH-based cartoonist, musician, and educator Marek Bennett leads discovery-based Comics Workshops for all ages throughout New England and the world beyond!  His comics work includes his latest book, The Civil War Diary of Freeman Colby, the local history webcomic LIVE FREE AND DRAW!, the graphic novel travel memoir, SLOVAKIA: Fall in the Heart of Europe, numerous community-specific mini-comics projects (such as serving as the Official Cartoonist of New Hampshire’s Weeks Act Centennial), the long-running Xeric Award-winning weekly newspaper strip “Mimi’s Doughnuts”, and more.  His compositions, arrangements, performances, and musical research work appear in the albums “Watershed” by the Cold River Ranters (Wedgie Records, 2015) and “Global Banjar!” by the Hardtacks (2016).

Marek’s educational programs incorporate sequential narrative cartooning techniques & music into community-based projects that explore and develop participants’ sense of history, culture, and individual & collective identities.  Artists of all ages, backgrounds, abilities discover their own unique capacities for storytelling, performance, and communication as they contribute to projects and presentations in workshop- and discussion-based events.  Through focused webcomics like LIVE FREE AND DRAW! and COFFEE+DUMPLING+KOMIKS, Marek shares his own experiences of travel, research, and community with a wider audience of readers and contributors.

Marek is a rostered artist / presenter with the following organizations:

His website is:


Marek Bennett makes & teaches comics & music in New Hampshire, USA, and the world beyond…


3 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Hi, I’m a writer living in Henniker. We met once this December walking in the woods. I have been working on several books. One is about a diary I kept when I was on welfare when my son was small, and I have been thinking about making it into a comic book/graphic novel. Wonder if you would like to work together. You can look at my work at Hope to see you soon. Tara

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