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NH State COMICstitution

Adapting the state constitution’s text into stick-figure visuals…

  • What are rights?
  • How do we enact them (in actions & symbols)?
  • How do various rights & interests fit together in society?

“Civic Ignorance”: David Souter on Civics Education

Adapting a 2012 talk given by the former Supreme Court Justice.

DRAW THE LAW: US Criminal Codes

Adapting selected sections of the US criminal codes into black & white comics.

“Rebellion or Insurrection” (18 U.S. Code § 2383):

“Seditious Conspiracy” (18 U.S. Code § 2384):


The Freeman Colby Series

Graphic novels drawn directly from primary sources — the journals, letters, & even artwork of eyewitnesses to history!

VIDEOS: “How to Draw Freeman Colby”

Up-close demos of stick-figure cartooning techniques, coloring, page layout, & more…

Turner Family Stories: From Enslavement in Virginia to Freedom in Vermont

Stories from the life and family lore of master storyteller Daisy Turner!

Published Summer 2021 by Vermont Folklife Center.

Sample pages & notes @ Patreon >>


ARTICLE: Freeman Colby: From Primary Sources to Comics

Featuring multiple Civil War source texts & images from my research…

Hospital Cat 1: Finding F.A.S.T. in Primary Source Texts

Simple visual tools & markups to help your historical comics come to life on the page!

ACTIVITY: Comics Timeline

Classroom project outline for creating a visual timeline of a historical era.

UNIT: Civil War Comics Camp

Overview of an integrated middle school program, researching + transcribing + drawing from the prison diary of a Union veteran.



Drawing out verses & lines in panels & pages…

Woody Guthrie’s “Tom Joad”

= Drawing out Guthrie’s musical adaptation of John Steinbeck’s novel!

“El viaje más caro / The Most Costly Journey”

Life stories told by undocumented migrant farmworkers & drawn by cartoonists…



My random sporadic math cartoon feature, addressing various topics in math & art & logic…

“One Monster Invites Another…”


“1 Day in the Life of the Granite State”

= 650 million years in just 24 hours (& 8 pages)!

Drawing sequence & detail from a source text.

The Weeks Act Story (Comic)

A basic narrative of how the National Forests came to be! Includes source links to the image gallery I used in my research.

John Weeks, 1911 (Music Video)

It turns out there’s poetry hidden in the congressional record! Lyrics by John Weeks, music by Big Paws.


Learn about the amazing lives of loons — by cartooning them!

“Black-Capped Chickadee” (Bird Book mini)

Info-doodles about this outgoing species!
Backed w/ HOW TO DRAW demos…

Chickadee Cupboards (mini-comic)

Observations of wintertime behavior around a backyard birdfeeder.

“Magnet Migrants” (mini-comic)

My 3rd grade comics students got me wondering about how magnetism affects bird migration…

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