Comics Camp

DRAW ALONG any time, all summer long, with award-winning cartoonist (& lifelong sketchbooker) Marek Bennett!



For my Summer Sketchbook, I use a Blick Studio Hardbound Sketchbook.

You can use any kind of sketchbook that’s portable, sturdy, & has plenty of blank pages — your own favorite notebook, drawing pad, handmade booklet, etc.!

Tools & Materials >>
Plain pencils & black ink pens… plus markers, crayons, & anything else that you have handy.

COMICS WORKSHOP Handbook (2022) >>

This work-in-progress draft contains several of my instructional posters for classroom display.

Tech Stuff >>

Videos & printables appear first @ my Patreon.
(Videos are all archived there & @ The YouTube.)

Timing: Join live whenever you can, AND/OR access the archived video whenever you want. (Live open-studio sessions TBA.)

Age Range: All ages = welcome!
Lessons & videos & public sharing will all be aimed at an elementary-middle school age range. Family members & friends are welcome to join.

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