You can make comics with a few basic tools found in many classrooms & offices…

BEFORE / Basic TOOLS Overview:

ONSITE HOST TEACHERS: Many classrooms already have my basic “MUST HAVE” & “NICE TO HAVE” tools… Please feel free to contact me with any materials questions or special needs.

REMOTE STUDENTS: I’ll assume you have the basic MUST HAVEs listed below. You’re welcome to use whatever tools are handy, however. I recommend experimenting & seeing which tools work best for your art style & creative approach.

JUMP TO: “Must Haves” | “Nice to Haves” | “Also Used” | Facilities &c.


NOTE: Please let Marek know ahead of time if you won’t be able to provide any of these tools at your event.

  • PAPER: Standard copier/printer paper, 8.5″x11″ (A3) …
    (best to have a whole ream handy).
    WARNING: Pens & markers will bleed through standard paper, so we draw on ONLY ONE SIDE of each sheet. // [ Order 8.5″x11″ white paper here→ ]
  • PENCILS & ERASERS: 1 per student

Flair Felt-Tip Pens

These provide a controlled, variable line with good solid black coverage.  They dry quickly, and they’re washable, too. These pens (and the markers below) are MUCH easier to use than brushes & nibs & bottles of ink — especially for younger artists.

[ order from >> ]

SUGGESTED #s:  IDEAL: 1 pen per student // ALT: 1 pen for every 1-2 students OR 2-4 classroom sets total (of 2 dozen pens each)

REMEMBER: Order BLACK pens for inking comics.
TIP: Order a box of 1 dozen pens to get a better price.

Feel free to use any other kind of artistic (black ink) pen you’re comfortable with.


These supplies are handy, if you happen to have them in your supply closet…

Dick Blick Water-Based Markers

These have an excellent chisel-tip, which enables young artists to both fill areas and start exploring line weight with a very controlled instrument. They also dry quickly and wash easily.  WE USE ONLY THE BLACK MARKERS, but they do come in other colors….

[ Order from >>]

SUGGESTED #:  Same as pens… OR somewhat fewer.

  • RULERS: Ideally 1″ wide; we may use them to mark off panel borders & draw straight lines. // SUGGESTED #:  1 per every 2-4 students
  • CLIPBOARDS: Useful if not all students are at desks/tables.
  • SCISSORS + PAPERCLIPS + other standard office supplies…


These items are very USEFUL, but not at all necessary…

Long Arm Stapler

= a great investment for creative projects.
Useful when publishing QUARTER-FOLD MINIS!

TIP: Your local art room or library may already have one we can borrow.

[ Order from >> ]

  • CARDSTOCK: This is extra-thick paper (like bristol board, only cheaper). Your markers won’t bleed through, & it makes really sturdy booklets.
    WARNING: This thicker, heavier paper can be harder to print/photocopy on.
  • 11×17 / A4 PAPER: This size provides a great big surface for drawing!
  • CLIPS/BINDERS: Anything to keep those pages organized…
  • 2-POCKET FOLDERS: These help artists organize & protect works in progress. // SUGGESTED #:  1 per student // [ Order 2-pocket folders here → ]

Facilities/Materials Suggested:

The following equipment is ideal for in-person visits:


  • digital projector
  • extension cords / power strips
  • blank projection surface (wall, screen, whiteboard, etc.)
  • display paper + easel


  • digital projector + cart (for easy transport between classrooms)
  • blank copier paper
  • basic comics tools (either as school supplies, or for individual artists to take home after the workshop)

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