cw-WEB-SetUp-01-w=600-h=600For information or to schedule a program, you’ll want to:

  1. EMAIL MAREK  to start the set up process
    (Start early!  Typical programs book at least 6 months ahead.)

  2. Meanwhile, LOOK INTO the following options:

Select a Program

cw-WEB-Programs-01-w=600-h=600Visit our PROGRAMS page for complete and up-to-date program listings.
(You can also use those descriptions in your own promotional materials about the workshop…)

Choose a Date

cw-WEB-ComicsCalendar-01-w=600-h=600Check the COMICS CALENDAR to see if your preferred dates are available.

cw-WEB-Money-01-w=600-h=600 Investigate Funding Options

Marek is rostered with the following organizations, and you may be eligible for grant funding!:

Other regular sources of funding include local schools, PTAs, and community organizations like historical societies, Rotary clubs, etc.

Order Materials

Use this basic Comics Workshop materials guide to order your comics-making art supplies >>
( We use very simple materials; you probably already have a lot of them.)


For details about setting up your hosting space, see our page: COMICS WORKSHOP FACILITIES >>

Preview Mini-Comics

Build interest with a sample mini-comic:

More resources:
cw-WEB-Posters-01-w=600-h=600PROMO POSTERS & GRAPHICS >>


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