1-Day Programs


  • Marek and audience members read aloud from projected comics.
  • Group explores specific comics topics/techniques through anecdotes, readings, and audience observations and feedback.
  • Includes Q&A, professional techniques, specific curricular topics, &c. as desired


  • As above, with specific focus on topics, collections, styles, or locations as desired.


00-comicsworkshop-comicsinworldhistories-medium-www_marekbennett_com cropped-dragon-04-dragonbuild-w3200-www_marekbennett_com.gif BUILD A WORLD Comics Workshop



Do you have a special theme in mind for a program?  Send me with your ideas… CONTACT >>


  • Family Comics: 2+ participants per family, children work w/ parents or grandparents in multi-generational groups to create comics based on family stories.
  • Local History:  Group creates original comics using texts & materials from local historical organizations.
    ~ ALSO SEE: >>

Multi-Day Residencies



  • Participants draw and share, learning from each other and from brief student-centered responsive demonstrations by Marek.
  • Projects can take specific curricular focus (e.g., local history, science of conservation, language arts topics, &c.)
  • Assessment & documentation assistance available (via unit design, rubrics, video production & online documentation, &c.)
  • We emphasize creative production as a way to explore, reflect upon, and synthesize specific topics.
  • To study the work of various artists & recognize key concepts in context, we project art samples on the wall and “perform” them together in dramatic readings (a.k.a. Comics Theatre).

Ideally, workshop programs include:

  • 3-5 sessions with each group (1-2 classes, 12-40 students each)
  • 1-3+ days between each session, so students have some time (in class or at home) to develop their projects independently
  • 1+ whole-group assemblies (by grade levels, as appropriate) to introduce concepts, establish common expectations, & outline topics for our classroom work.

… but of course, we can be flexible to suit your organization’s needs!


  • Culminating “Publishing Party”

    …where artists collaborate to fold+staple+cut enough copies of their original mini-comics to share with the entire group.
  • ** Culminating “COMICS CONVENTION” ** 
    = Artists present their work at a dedicated event (30-45 minutes) where fellow students (and/or teachers, families, friends, community members, etc.) can obtain free autographed copies of the mini-comics produced during the workshop.
  • Public display space

    (bulletin board, wall space, etc.) where students can share their pages

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