Recipient of the 2021 Governor’s Arts Award for ART EDUCATION

Thanks to all the schools & libraries & patrons who’ve hosted COMICS WORKSHOP along the way…

Bring COMICS WORKSHOP to your school or library:


FALL 2021: New sketchbook pages, mini-comics, & more @ the Patreon >>

NOVEMBER 2021: Join us for a special series of online COMICS WORKSHOPS hosted by NH public libraries.

Lead Paint Alert!

A series of videos & comics about the dangers of lead paint in our homes.

Comics in World History & Cultures:

A whirlwind look at comics around the world and throughout human history, exploring how different cultures employ visual narratives…

Available as a public presentation via NH Humanities’ “Humanities To Go” Catalog >>

This work is PATRON-POWERED!

Turner Family Stories: From Enslavement in Virginia to Freedom in Vermont

Stories from the life and family lore of master storyteller Daisy Turner!

The Most Costly Journey: Stories of Migrant Farmworkers in Vermont, Drawn by New England Cartoonists

“This rich and inspiring project is doing the work of oral historynarrative medicineethnography, and graphic medicine…” – M.K. Czerwiec (

The Civil War Diary of Freeman Colby

Ongoing epic historical series, drawn from primary source eyewitness accounts!


Comics Project Outlines

Basic approaches for classroom work in any subject…

Curriculum Connections

Marek’s projects in various subjects — Civics, History, Science, & more!




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