Comics Workshop Tutorial: “Alligator P*I.E.”


The P*I.E. process is foundational to all our comics creation methods — It enables us to efficiently experiment & adjust our work according to the three R’s: Re-reading, Reflection, & Reader feedback…

When I started teaching COMICS WORKSHOPS in 2002, I taught this as the “P.I.E. process,” a straightforward 3-step mnemonic for an artist working solo w/ basic tools. The way I think of it now, that “secret step” between the “Pencil” & “Ink” is the heart of the whole creative process. It’s where the artist’s sense of creation meets the reality of shared experience!

But that sounds kinda high-fallutin’…
Try it yourself, & see how it works.

I always tell students, if you DO that secret “*” step (revising & editing, based on reader feedback), then your readers might not even notice… They’ll be so wrapped up in enjoying your story! And if you skip that secret step… it’ll definitely show (in typos, hard-to-read panels, &c.).

More TUTORIAL notes @ Patreon →

Thanks to Kimball-Jenkins School of Art for making this tutorial possible!

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