A HOW-TO-DRAW series about the amazing lives of Loons…

  • Draw your own lake ecosystems…
  • Create new loon families…
  • Learn about threats to loon survival…
  • Tell original loon stories!

LoonToon Booklets:

Info & life history of the common loon, gavia immer.

How to draw loons swimming, diving, flying, & more.

How to draw lush loon neighborhoods!

More to come: #3 (Food), #4 (Nesting), #5 (Chicks), #6 (Neighbors), #7 (Loons & Lead!)…


Created in partnership with Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission. UVLSRPC is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Material development = supported by a grant by Rural Utilities Service, United State Department of Agriculture. Content does necessarily reflect USDA official views.

2020 LoonToon LIVE DRAWS:

These are the original full-length LoonToon sessions from Summer 2020:

Live-Draw #1: Basic LoonToons

In our first LoonToons Live-Draw, we’ll practice penciling-inking-erasing four different action scenes from the summertime lakes of New Hampshire!

Live-Draw #2: Hatch Time!

Drawn during an exciting week of eggs hatching on the live-action LoonCam, we penciled & inked a 4-panel page of a loon chick hatching & diving into the nearby lake water!

Mini-Comic Special: LoonToon “Unfolder”!

A simple card design to play with our lake setting, our loon characters, & their actions.

Live-Draw #3: Diving for Fish

While the chicks are growing & learning to hunt, they depend on their parents for food & protection. Here, our chicks stick close to one parent while the other performs underwater acrobatics in search of a meal…

Live-Draw #4: Loons & Lead

Drawing a 3-panel story about a major health risk for loons!

EXTRA: “Loons on the Move”

This mini-comic session helps you keep your characters moving, from lake to lake & page to page!

1-Sheet Mini-Comics >>

Live-Draw #5: Loons March for Lead-Free Fishing

These LoonToons have an important environmental message for their neighbors…

EXTRA: “Of Chinese Landscapes & Loons”

What do ancient Chinese scrolls, Henry David Thoreau, and nesting loons have in common? This live-draw makes connections!


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