• Participants draw and share, learning from each other and from brief student-centered responsive demonstrations by Marek.
  • Projects can take specific CURRICULAR CONNECTIONS (e.g., history, science, language arts topics, &c.)
  • Assessment & documentation assistance available (via unit design, rubrics, video production, online documentation, &c.)
  • I emphasize creative production as a way to explore, reflect upon, and synthesize specific topics.
  • Class groups project art samples on the wall and “perform” them together in dramatic readings (a.k.a. Comics Theatre).

Topics of Study:

Our hands-on activities explore the following topics:

  1. “Finding” ideas using basic storytelling tools
  2. Developing our ideas into 3+ panels (1-2 pages of comics)
  3. Editing & improving our comics (proofreading, soliciting feedback, peer conferences, &c.)
  4. Sharing & publishing multiple pages of comics in various formats (mini-comics, anthologies, graphic novels, &c.)
  5. Research methods & project management for comics projects in specific curricular subjects
  6. + (Other topics, according to group needs/interest)…

Ideally, workshop programs include:

  • OPENING ASSEMBLY: Whole group assembly to introduce Marek, some of his artwork, basic concepts & guidelines for the residency, and the overall schedule.
    [20-60 minutes] [usually in auditorium / library / gym / cafeteria / other large space]
  • WORKSHOPS: 3-5 sessions with each group.
    [1-2 classes, 12-40 students each] [30-90 minutes per session] [in classrooms, or in art room / library / other central location]
  • INDEPENDENT WORK TIME: Ideally, students will have some time (in class or at home) to develop their projects independently between our workshop sessions.  If the schedule allows a couple days between sessions for any given class, that’s great too.
  • CLOSING ASSEMBLY: 1+ assemblies (whole group, or by grade levels / grouped as appropriate) to highlight artwork by participants (finished comics or works in progress)!
    [30-60 minutes] [same place as opening assembly]

Of course, COMICS WORKSHOP can always be flexible to suit your organization’s schedule needs!


  • Culminating “Publishing Party”

    Artists collaborate to fold+staple+cut enough copies of their original mini-comics to share with the entire group.
  • ** Culminating “COMICS CONVENTION” ** 
    = Artists present their work at a dedicated event (30-45 minutes) where fellow students (and/or teachers, families, friends, community members, etc.) can obtain free autographed copies of the mini-comics produced during the workshop.
  • Public display space

    (bulletin board, wall space, etc.) where students can share their pages