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A single-day visit can include any of the following activities, according to schedule & interest:

OPENING ASSEMBLY (20-45 minutes) [12-200 students]

  • Intro Marek & his current/past projects
  • Marek (& volunteers) read aloud from projected sample comics
  • Introduce basic concepts, including: cartooning / comics / panels / pages / mini-comics / graphic novels / etc.

CLASSROOM WORKSHOPS (45-90 minutes each) [12-40 students]

  • Collaborative demos
  • Hands-on activities to create original artwork
  • Demos & discussions of specific comics topics/techniques
  • Marek reads from volunteers’ works-in-progress, & guides discussion of specific techniques (e.g. inking, research, readability, page layout, &c.)
  • Peer conferences
  • Editing & preparing artwork for publication + display + sharing…


  • Q&A on comics / comics history / self-publishing / professional practices / etc.
  • Advanced topics (based on participants’ artwork)
  • Special topics in self-publishing & mini-comics distribution
  • Specific curricular topics, as desired
  • CLOSING ASSEMBLY: Marek reads aloud from participants’ artwork, showcasing original developed during workshops.


  • As above, with specific focus on topics, collections, styles, or locations as desired.


  • Family Comics: 2+ participants per family; children work w/ parents or grandparents in multi-generational groups to create comics based on family stories.
  • Local History:  Group creates original comics using texts & materials from local historical organizations.
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