BEFORE your Comics Workshop:

Here are some links & resources to help you prep & get the most out of our sessions! ~ Marek

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Fall Sketchbook & Live Draws & New Comics & more…

SETTING UP: Tools & Materials

You can draw comics with VERY simple tools — basically, any paper & writing tools found in your home or classroom will do.

Here are some more specific recommendations for casual or serious comics-creation:

+ Order 8.5″x11″ white paper here →
+ Order 2-pocket folders here →

More about TOOLS & MATERIALS →

Preview Videos:

Comics Workshop HOW TO Videos

Marek demos all sorts of cartooning techniques & tricks!

Let’s Draw MONSTERS!

Because it’s so relaxing…


A basic intro to historical stick-figure cartooning…


COMICS WORKSHOP Tutorial: “Alligator P*I.E.!”

Use your comics-making tools to create your most READABLE images!

“Set Up a Blank (1-Sheet) Mini-Comic”

Get ready to draw an 8-page story:

“Drawing an 8-page 1-Sheet Mini-Comic”

Pencil+Ink+Erase an 8-page story:

“How to Fold a Printed (1-Sheet) Mini-Comic”

Folding an already-drawn / printed booklet is slightly different from folding a blank booklet…

“John Weeks, 1911”

HISTORICAL COMICS DEMO: The Congressional law that established the National Forest system, set to music!

“Build Your Own 8-PAGE MINI”

Shrinking, cutting out, making a “floppy copy,” & more — The deluxe COMICS CAMP self-publishing method!

Krazy Chats

Deep readings of George Herriman’s Krazy Kat daily strips, on the 100th anniversary of their publication.

Curriculum Connections

Marek’s projects in various subjects — Civics, History, Science, & more!

Comics Project Outlines

Basic approaches for classroom work in any subject…

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