Comics Parties

Let’s draw together!

Making comics is a great way to mark your special occasion — a 10th (or 100th) birthday, an anniversary, or just for the fun of it! Marek will guide your group in creating original comics on any topic, & produce a souvenir mini-comic of your group’s artwork…

Here’s how a COMICS WORKSHOP party works:

BEFORE: Gather Your Crew!

INVITATIONS: Print & color some of Marek’s fun artwork to announce your event, or work with Marek to design your own invitations!

PLATFORM: Pick a video streaming account from Marek’s Remote Video Class page.

TEST RUN: We also suggest a test video session (5-15 minutes) a week before the event, to touch base & test our tech connections!

ORDER BOOKS for participants
(contact Marek for special event pricing).

PARTY TIME: Let’s Create Comics!

TIME: 30-60 minutes
GROUP: 1-20 participants
MATERIALS: paper (letter or A6 size) + Pencil and/or black pen

ACTIVITIES: During your event, Marek will guide the group via remote video as we:

  • Generate new ideas for stories.
  • Create original comics pages!
  • Swap feedback & ideas!
  • Ink & reveal our finished artwork!

FOCUS: What would you like to draw?

  • 8-page Stories: Each artist starts a 1-sheet mini-comic! [SAMPLE]
  • Let’s Draw MONSTERS! Create your own original monstrosities (any level)! [SAMPLES]
  • Poetry Comics: Drawing new pages from a specific poem or song lyric! [SAMPLE]
  • Host’s Choice: Design your own special focus for the workshop!

AFTER: Souvenir Mini-Comics!

After your event, Marek can assemble the new artwork into an online gallery and/or a mini-comics booklet for all participants to print & read & enjoy! The format & size is up to you (& the other artists)…

SAMPLE: “Playground Pile-Up!” Printables →

SHARE: Taking Photos of Your Artwork

This page gives some guidelines for taking useful, clear photos of the artwork created during your party! Share with guests…

These videos give a sense of Marek’s working style:

“Woogums Goes for a Walk”

Making up an 8-page mini, from blank page to finished booklet!

Let’s Draw MONSTERS!

These little creatures always unleash amazing story energy…


Behind the scenes in Marek’s historical graphic novel series…

EVERYBODY can create comics!

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