“Black-Capped Chickadee” (Bird Book Mini) - Backed w/ HOW TO DRAW CHICKADEES...
“Common Loon” (Bird Book Mini) - Backed w/ "HOW TO DRAW Basic LoonToons"
“Drawing Freeman” / Historical New Hampshire (Vol. 71 No. 1) - Full color cover article on drawing Stick Figure Civil War comics.
“Freeman Colby’s Illustrated” #2 (1863) - Available SPRING 2019 with all pre-orders of FREEMAN COLBY VOL. 2 via ...
“Grow, Monster, Grow!” (8p Template) - A basic monster life-cycle mini!
“Magnet Migrants” (Mini) - Surprising secrets of magnets & migrating birds!
“Space TAKEN” (Poetry Comics Demo) - Sci-Fi comics retrospection, after Robert Frost.
“Story-Starter” Template - Here's a sure-fire way to jump-start your next mini (or series):
“Taken” Poetry Comics Template - Draw your own comics version of Robert Frost's classic poem!
“Teaching Artist” Mini - Here's a mini-comic I drew in preparation for a recent panel discussion ("Getting Gigs & Making Work") at Plymouth State University...
“Woogums Goes for a Walk” (1-Sheet / 8 Page) - A desktop quick-draw, from blank paper to finished 8-page mini-comic...
1 Day in the Life of the Granite State - "650 million years in just 24 hours!"
1 Monster Invites Another - How one monster grows into a quarter-thousand (& counting)...!
1-Sheet / 8 page Mini-Comic (Folding) - A super-quick demo of folding a blank booklet from a single sheet of paper.
1st AMENDMENT MINI: Tinker V. Des Moines (1969) - Can a public school PROHIBIT armbands (a.k.a. symbolic speech)?
1st AMENDMENT MINI: West Virginia V. Barnette (1943) - Can a public school COMPEL students to salute the flag?
4th AMENDMENT MINI: Safford V. Redding (2009) - Can a public school COMPEL students to salute the flag?
ALGO ADENTRO / Something Inside - Far from home and family, a migrant laborer discovers the survival power of art...
Animal Comics (8p Template) - A guide for your next mini-comics biology report!
Bird Book (8p Template) - Here's a D.I.Y. template for your next non-fiction bird bio mini!
Bobby Draws: A Journey - How can disabled artists draw comics if, for example, they can't use their hands, move their bodies, or even describe their story ideas? Some of my students taught me how ...
Build Your Own 8-page Mini - So you've drawn your 8-page comic (including covers & inside pages)... Now let's PUBLISH it!
Build Your Own 8-Page Mini (Video) - When you've drawn your story, and you're ready to self-publish it...
Chickadee Cupboards (Mini) - Drawn @ library workshops (& by the birdfeeder) in early winter.
Civil War Cartoonist Mini: “Artists to the Front!” - Eyewitness artists on the battlefield...
Comics Page Layouts - Some template pages to print & draw!
Comics Workshop Handbook (2022 / Work In Progress!) - Here are a few of the “Big Picture” ideas I put up on display @ our workshops…
D.C.+Virginia Sketchbook (Fall 2019) - 32 pages of diary comics = a behind-the-scenes look @ Rabbit's footwork & research for Freeman Colby Vol. 3!
D.I.Y. Declaration of Independence / Preamble (TEMPLATE) - Let's take a moment to cartoon the core ideas of the US government ~ You might be surprised by how it looks!
D.I.Y. US Constitution / Preamble (8p TEMPLATE) - What are the GOALS of the US government? And what do they look like when YOU cartoon 'em in comics form?
How a Civil War Battle-Sketch Gets Published (MINI) - From frontline sketchbook to front porch reading...
How to Create Comics - A Comics Workshop classic mini. FOR PRINTABLES: Join the PATREON >> … & LMK what format you need!
How to Draw Eyeballs - Artwork from the mini-comic, "How to Draw Your Very Own EYEBALL ARMY!!" ...
How to Draw Up a Lesson Plan - Mini-comic drawn to accompany a CCS Applied Cartooning seminar on teaching comics:
Jose’s Journey: “Painful to Remember” - One immigrant's quest to find work and dignity in the United States.
Lead Paint Alert! (Mini-Comic) - How to identify & manage household lead contamination from lead-based paints. / (12 pages)
Leo’s Wicked Incredible Summer #1 (Jam Mini) - Drawn outdoors w/ young artists!
Life Cycle Comics (8p Template) - A basic guide for your next biology mini-comic...
Lincoln’s SPECIAL MESSAGE to Congress (4 July, 1861) - A warning about Democracy, from a wartime president.
Loon Unfolder! - Drawn live @ COMICS CAMP 2020.
NH State COMICStitution (Bill of Rights: Articles #1-12) - The official "Live Free And Draw" comics adaptation of the original 1784 document.
Penobscot Sketchbooks (Summer 2022) - Drawn on the islands / Maine, USA
Red Eft (Life Cycle Mini) - About a neighbor who lives in the woods around my house...
Sky Full of Monsters (WONDERS / Oct. 2022) - This mini started off as MONSTER MAYHEM, & ended up as GARDEN DIARY.
Summer Dreams #1 (Jam Mini) - Drawn outdoors w/ young artists...
Summer Dreams #3 (Jam Mini) - Summertime jam w/ library teen art club!
Summer Dreams #6 (Comics Camp Mini) - Because surprises DO happen at library summer reading programs!
The Applied Cartooning Manifesto (CCS / 2014) - Drawn with James Sturm ~ Summer 2014
The Four Dragons - or, Knight Versus Nature. (COMICS CAMP 2016)
The St. Albans Raid #1 - Detailing a little-known outburst of domestic terrorism in a small New England town far from the front lines of the Civil War...
Tophat Cat: “NEIGHBORS” Mini - Always fun to end with a slightly sinister plot twist! 8^)
Tophat Cat: “TRUST” Mini - 1-sheet mini-comic meditation mantra...
What Is This Thing… The “U.S. Constitution”? (Mini) - Just a few questions about this big old famous thing that unites & divides us...
Why Comics? - Why indeed? Presenting a few key reasons for teaching (and learning) with comics...
Woody Guthrie’s “Tom Joad” #1 - Adapting the first 6 verses of Woody Guthrie's song, based on John Steinbeck's 1939 novel...
YA QUE TENGO MI LICENCIA / Now That I Have My License - Reflections on driving, by migrant laborers on Vermont dairy farms...

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