001_Manifesto “Applied Cartooning Manifesto” from CCS - Here's a mini comic I drew with James Sturm this Summer ...
TeachingArtist-01-DETAIL-w=800-www_MarekBennett_com “Teaching Artist” Mini - Here's a mini-comic I drew in preparation for a recent panel discussion ("Getting Gigs & Making Work") at Plymouth State University...
00-161101_elmigrante-marek_digest-bi-p00a-ofc-detail ALGO ADENTRO / Something Inside - Far from home and family, a migrant laborer discovers the survival power of art...
BOBBY DRAWS {COVER} Bobby Draws: A Journey - How can disabled artists draw comics if, for example, they can't use their hands, move their bodies, or even describe their story ideas? Some of my students taught me how ...
Mini-01-w=600-www_MarekBennett_com Build Your Own 8-page Mini - So you've drawn your 8-page comic (including covers & inside pages)... Now let's PUBLISH it!
build-your-own-video-04-still_01 Build Your Own 8-Page Mini (Video) - When you've drawn your story, and you're ready to self-publish it...
COMICS-WORKSHOP-Page-Blank-3Panels-WWW_MarekBennett_COM Comics Page Templates - Some template pages to print & draw!
how-to-create-1-small How to Create Comics - PRINTABLES: Full-size PDF (8 pages) >> | Single Sheet >> PRINTABLES:  PDF (8 pages) >>  GIF (1 page) >>
LessonPlan-00-Cover-02-www_MarekBennett_com How to Draw Up a Lesson Plan - Mini-comic drawn to accompany a CCS Applied Cartooning seminar on teaching comics:
Jose-Cover-01-B+W-QUARTER-LANDSCAPE-RGB-w=1000 Jose’s Journey: “Painful to Remember” - One immigrant's quest to find work and dignity in the United States.
4Dragons-03-AIR-DETAIL-WWW_MarekBennett_COM The Four Dragons - or, Knight Versus Nature. (COMICS CAMP 2016)
WHY-COMICS-Page-1-SMALL Why Comics? - Why indeed? Presenting a few key reasons for teaching (and learning) with comics...

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