Loon Unfolder!


Here’s an “Unfolder” mini-comic featuring loons:

It’s a 2-sided mini, but I drew it on 2 separate sheets of paper to keep the ink from bleeding through & wrecking both sides!

The “Unfolder” Mini-Comic Format = 1 sheet → 3-page story // Each page is 2x larger than the previous. // No staples or cutting required!

PROCESS (drawn live @ COMICS CAMP 2020):

(A) On 1/4 folded sheet, intro a character.

(B) “Open up” the story w/ more setting details (& another character?)

(C) [Oops, wait, the ink of (A) might bleed through your paper…]

[… So let’s P*I.E. (C) on a separate piece of paper, & double-side the final copies!]

Final pages (Single-Sided Artwork):

I decided to leave out the word bubbles here — I plan to use copies of this as a letter-writing blank card, so I’ll add word bubbles by hand as I fill in the blank spaces w/ my letter!

Reading sequence (unfolding):

Here’s how a final copy (double-sided) looks as the reader unfolds it. I included my website at the bottom of (C), so readers will always know where the artwork came from.

This will definitely go out in the next COMICS CAMP mailings! 8^) ~ M

Published by Marek

Cartoonist, musician, teacher.

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  1. Marek, one of these days I will take your comics class at the Currier. People often ask if I can do/teach cartooning…not! But this loon is so cool. Leigh

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