How to Draw Eyeballs

Eyeballs are great.
Everybody can draw ’em!

You can start with the simplest cartooning tools…

All you need is a circle (or even a roundish blob) and a dot:

Of course, you can get more “fancy” if you want:

Eyeballs can be very expressive, and they perform all sorts of ACTIONS:

If you draw enough of them, some of your eyeballs might grow legs, and some might even start to develop arms!

… And once THAT happens, they’ll be able to do LOTS MORE interesting actions:

Of course, those actions may include gathering their forces & getting organized:

And THAT’s when things get interesting!

We’re drawing EYEBALLS & more all week @ COMICS CAMP… To join the fun:

Art = from Marek’s 2020 mini-comic, “How to Draw Your Very Own EYEBALL ARMY!!”.

Published by Marek

Cartoonist, musician, teacher.

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