1 Day in the Life of the Granite State

Mapping 650,000,000 years onto a single day really helps me understand the sequence & relationships… (Labyrinthodonts + dimetrodons + dinosaurs + ice ages, oh my!)

This work is PATRON-POWERED!

Michael Caduto: A Time Before New Hampshire: The Story of a Land and Native Peoples (University Press of New England, 2003)

  Printable PDF @ www.patreon.com >>

In terms of time periods covered, this is probably the most wide-ranging 8-page mini I’ve ever drawn!  I had to leave out a TON of names and details to fit the story into 8 pages.  For much, much more information about any of the above panels, please refer to pages 15-45 of Caduto’s book.

Special thanks:

… to Michael Caduto for his writing first of all, and for granting permission to adapt his text in this format.  For info about Michael’s educational programs & other activities, check out his website: www.p-e-a-c-e.net

Q) If you could pick any one of these panels to visit (via totally safe round-trip time machine), which would it be?  Why?

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