Civil War Cartoonist Mini: “Artists to the Front!”

Featuring resources & notes on Civil War battlefield artists referenced in Freeman Colby Vol. 3

4p MINI / DEBUT @: HistoryAlive NH 2022.


Special thanks to my patrons & Summer 2022 library hosts for making this work possible!


This striking spread details the many tasks & techniques of Civil War journalists, both writers & artists:

^ Thomas Nast: “The Press on the Field” (Harper’s Weekly / 30 April 1864)

ARTIST INFO: Edwin Forbes | Winslow Homer | Thomas Nast | Alfred Waud

In the 3 June 1865 edition, Harper’s Weekly published a moving tribute to the service of “Our Artists During the War,” listing some of the many challenges faced by artists in the field:

Library of Congress Collection: Civil War Drawings >>

Here are some battlefield sketches & links to how they appear in Freeman Colby Vol. 3

^ Alfred Waud: “Skirmish in the Wilderness” (1864) // Used in Vol. 3 >>

Waud’s sketchbook problem-solving actually inspired a 2-page spread in Vol. 3:

Putting the pieces together >>
Drawing the pages >>


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  1. Wonderful to see this connection to the Civil War artists who risked their lives to bring these images back to the newspapers. Your flyer/worksheet on this is really well done. Thanks for sending a copy.

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