1 Monster Invites Another

Let’s Draw MONSTERS! #3:

A quick-draw mini-comic video about exponential growth, where one monster grows into a quarter-thousand (& counting)…!


Printable mini

Make your own copy w/ a double-sided printout! (GIF + PDF formats)

“How to Fold a Printed 1-Sheet Mini” @ Patreon

A guide to folding your “1 Monster” 1-sheet.

Draw-Your-Own Blank “1 (Something)” Template (COMING SOON)

A printable template to draw your own 256-something mini!

Have you drawn your #dailymonster today?

Published by Marek

Cartoonist, musician, teacher.

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  1. There’s something wonderfully irresistable about these guys – they bring me back to the hours I spent with my Ed Emberly green, red and purple (etc) drawing books…

    1. L ~ Yes, you called it! GREEN was my go-to book for drawing w/ friends. I’ve been thinking about those little lessons a lot lately. ~ M

      1. I’d love to bring those books back to my kiddos. Those were CLASSICS. I still draw doggos the same way =))

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