“Drawing Freeman” / Historical New Hampshire (Vol. 71 No. 1)

Historical New Hampshire, Volume 71, No. 1, Spring 2018

Robert W. Bermudes Jr.
Elizabeth Dubrulle
Illustrations Coordinator: 
Joan E. Desmarais



“DRAWING FREEMAN, or, Engaging Local History in a Stick Figure Civil War” = the 18-page full color cover article for Historical NH #71.1

Topics include:

  • Project background & origins
  • Getting Started: How to Draw History Comics
  • Drawing Faces
  • Drawing Settings
  • “Truth” in Historical Narratives
  • Questioning Sources
  • Gaps in Sources
  • Sample Student Artwork

Sales of Historical NH magazine support the NH Historical Society & its mission.

Published by Marek

Cartoonist, musician, teacher.

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