NH State COMICStitution (Bill of Rights: Articles #1-12)



The New Hampshire State COMICStitution! / Bill of Rights: Articles #1-12

Comics by Marek Bennett
Drawn from the original 1874 text.

24 pages / 8.5″x11″ / B&W

Published by Comics Workshop (2022)

This mini-comic contains the official “Live Free And Draw” comics adaptation of New Hampshire’s Bill of Rights, plus bonus content (Article #83 & “Civic Ignorance”).

  • Drawn in vivid black & white, for clarity & adventure!
  • Each article appears on its own full page, for easy printing & display.

Where do our rights come from?
What do our rights look like?

Drawing (& reading) constitutional text in comics form helps us to think in metaphors, & to reason with concrete examples

Project archive @
“Live Free And Draw” >>

How is a state government “constituted”?

There are many remarkable ideas & guarantees built into this 18th century text… IF we can understand & apply them!

More about the NH State Constitution:

What’s YOUR favorite article of your state constitution?

Grab a pencil & a piece of paper, & see what happens when you draw it in comics form! (The results may surprise you.)

FULL TEXT: The NH Constitution >>

BONUS FEATURES in the January 6th Edition:

NH State COMICStitution / Article #83 / Part 1

Where’s the “ART” in the NH State Constitution? Right here.

“Civic Ignorance” / From a Discussion with Supreme Court Justice David Souter

I get chills every time I read Souter’s warning from the year 2012… Especially now, so many years later!

Published by Marek

Cartoonist, musician, teacher.

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