Talkin’ 2×2=5 Blues

Are we allowed to do talkin’ blues algebra proofs?
If NOT, maybe this is why — here’s one inspired by Lewis Carroll.
Goes a little like this:

2x2=5_01-www_MarekBennett_com 2x2=5_02-www_MarekBennett_com 2x2=5_03-www_MarekBennett_com 2x2=5_04-www_MarekBennett_com2x2=5_05-www_MarekBennett_com 2x2=5_06-www_MarekBennett_com

And yes, there IS an error lurking somewhere in the algebra of this “proof”.
Can you spot it?

ALSO, if YOU can come up with a better rhyme for “polynomial expansion”, we’re all ears.

And while we’re at it, by the way, here are some references that crept in on page one:

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Cartoonist, musician, teacher.

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