Archimedes’ Fatal Work Ethic

You have to respect a mathematician who’s so engrossed in his work that he doesn’t even notice the Romans invading his city…
Archimedes-Death-VERT-01-www_MarekBennett_com Archimedes-Death-VERT-02-www_MarekBennett_comArchimedes-Death-VERT-03-www_MarekBennett_com

SOURCES: I have, of course, combined several accounts of Archimedes’ final moments, including Livy (“Many brutalities were committed in hot blood and the greed of gain”), Plutarch (“earnestly besought him to hold his hand a little while, that he might not leave what he was then at work upon inconclusive and imperfect; but the soldier, nothing moved by his entreaty, instantly killed him.”), and Valerius Maximus (“So it fell out that he was first granted his life and then stripped of it by reason of the same pursuit.”) offers even more sources here… >>

Here is this same comic as a single-page block:

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