Freeman Colby Vol. 3 Poster Gallery

Selected poster designs & pages from the new book — & the primary source images that inspired ’em!

BELOW, LEFT: Primary source images from eyewitness artists.

BELOW, RIGHT: Click through to see how I created each “original” poster image.

Jonas Bacon on Picket Duty (New Year’s Day)

Eastman Johnson’s “A Ride for Liberty”

Harriet Jacobs @ Alexandria Freedmen’s School:

Harriet Jacobs teaching (with Sarah Low visiting) in the “Jacobs Free School” @ Alexandria, Virginia.

This work is PATRON-POWERED!

Winslow Homer @ The Wilderness:

^ Winslow Homer’s “Skirmish in the Wilderness” (1864)

Homer seems to be reaching here for a new style to express the confusion & terror of the Battle of the Wilderness. (It almost looks like 20th century abstract expressionism!)

This was the very first full-color artwork I drew for Vol. 3. Colby can’t see anything in the thick woods…

Alfred Waud’s Wild Fires (5 May 1864)

Rebels Surrendering @ the Wilderness:

Volleys @ the Wilderness (6 May 1864):

Field Hospital @ the Wilderness:

Sleeping on Their Arms (6 May 1864):

Technically this isn’t a “poster” — It’s a 2-page spread from the 2nd half of Vol. 3. If we ever color it, it’ll be a lot of deep dark blue.

Charging @ Spottsylvania Court House (12 May 1864):

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