Curricular Connections

Drawing comics is a worthwhile activity in and of itself, but it’s also a powerful tool for exploring curriculum & building meaning in a classroom community.  Comics projects have a way of integrating several subjects into a single authentic learning experience!

On Choosing Curricular Topics:

  • The best topics (for creating comics) are already familiar to the students, with some research and synthesis work completed before the residency begins.
  • Themes that are unfamiliar to the students, or that have been introduced the day before the comics work begins, can still serve if we treat our comics work as introductory explorations of prior knowledge.  
  • Students may want to do some research while working on their comics.  They’ll often start drawing, and only then realize they need to fill a gap in their understanding. (“Oh wait, what did houses look like back then?”) For that reason, it’s often useful to have access to research materials & sources while working on our comics.  

Here are some typical sample subjects & topics addressed in past COMICS WORKSHOP residencies, plus links to related projects by Marek and/or student artists:








Here are a few of Marek’s comics creation resources to preview with students:

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