Curricular Connections

Explore curriculum & build meaning in your classroom community with COMICS PROJECTS … Here are some models!

2021 CLiF Community Literacy Conference
Wednesday, March 17, 3:00-4:30
“Using Comics Across Subjects”
“Marek Bennett will lead the group in creating a four-panel comic and discuss techniques for using comics in conjunction with primary resources, poems, and personal journals.” 


JUMP TO: Civics | History | Literature & Language | Math | Science

Multiple Intelligences & Comics Education

An overview & investigation of MI theory & practice in comics education…


NH State COMICstitution

Adapting the state constitution’s text into stick-figure visuals…

What are rights? How do we enact them, in actions & symbols? How do various rights & interests fit together in society?

DRAW THE LAW: US Criminal Codes

Adapting selected sections of the US criminal codes into black & white comics.

“Civic Ignorance”: David Souter on Civics Education

Adapting a 2012 talk given by the former Supreme Court Justice.


The Freeman Colby Series

Graphic novels drawn directly from primary sources — the journals, letters, & even artwork of eyewitnesses to history!

Vol. 1+2 Online Archive / Vol. 1 PDF

Vol. 3 In Progress (2021)

ARTICLE: Freeman Colby: From Primary Sources to Comics

How I create my historical graphic novels from multiple source texts & images…

VIDEOS: “How to Draw Freeman Colby”

Up-close demos of stick-figure cartooning techniques, coloring, page layout, & more…

Civil War Comics Camp

Overview of an integrated middle school program, researching + transcribing + drawing from the prison diary of a Union veteran.



Drawing out verses & lines in panels & pages…

Woody Guthrie’s “Tom Joad”

= Drawing out Guthrie’s musical adaptation of John Steinbeck’s novel!

“El viaje más caro / The Most Costly Journey”

Life stories told by undocumented migrant farmworkers & drawn by cartoonists…



My random sporadic math cartoon feature, addressing various topics in math & art & logic…

“One Monster Invites Another…”


“1 Day in the Life of the Granite State”

= 650 million years in just 24 hours (& 8 pages)!

Drawing sequence & detail from a source text.

The Weeks Act Story (Comic)

A basic narrative of how the National Forests came to be! Includes source links to the image gallery I used in my research.

John Weeks, 1911 (Music Video)

It turns out there’s poetry hidden in the congressional record! Lyrics by John Weeks, music by Big Paws.

“Chickadees!” (mini-comic)

Observations of wintertime behavior around a backyard birdfeeder.

“Magnet Migrants” (mini-comic)

My 3rd grade comics students got me wondering about how magnetism affects bird migration…

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