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The Civil War Diary of Freeman Colby, Vol. 3 (1864) - 1864: The continuing adventures of a Yankee school teacher in the heart of the Civil War! ⭐ "Great Reads from Great Places" (Nat'l Book Festival / 2022) ⭐ #1 AMAZON NEW RELEASE
Sharjah Sketchbook - The daily adventures of a cartoon rabbit teaching comics in the Persian Gulf!
The Civil War Diary of Freeman Colby, Vol. 2 (1863) - 1863: The continuing saga of a Yankee school teacher in the Union Army. ⭐ FINALIST: "Best Graphic Novel" (Nat'l Cartoonists Society / 2019) ⭐ FINALIST: Excellence in Graphic Lit. (Pop Culture Classroom / 2020)
The Civil War Diary of Freeman Colby, Vol. 1 (1861-62) - 1862: A NEW HAMPSHIRE TEACHER GOES TO WAR / Freeman Colby's diary from his first 9 months in the Union Army! ⭐ “Great Graphic Novel for Teens” (YALSA, 2017)
SLOVAKIA: Fall in the Heart of Europe - A graphic novel adventure of one rabbit’s quest for family among the roots and ruins of the Old World!
NICARAGUA Comics Travel Journal - (5.5"x8.5" ~ 204 pages ~ b&w w/ color cover) ~ Graphic novel account of 2009 Comics Delegation to northern Nicaragua
Breakfast At Mimi’s - Breakfast at Mimi's collects the first three years of "Mimi's Doughnuts" weekly comic strips. {WINNER of a 2008 XERIC AWARD!}
HOUR 72! - Graphic novel collection of Marek's first three 24 Hour Comics: "DOG BLESS AMERICA" + "CUPPY & THE GANG..." + "THE MAKING OF..."

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  1. Freeman Eri Colby is our Greatgrandfather. My siblings and I have copies of all the letters.
    Our mother was Ruth Colby Dillon, daughter of Almon Colby, son of Freeman. Dr. Robert Dillon (92); Barbara Dillon Neilon (84); Dr. Donald Dillon (82); and me Ruth Dillon Smith (77). Our direct .colby line ended as my mother’s two brothers had no sons. We do however have Colby as a middle name for grandchildren, Michael Colby Dillon and Aidan Colby Smith. I’m excited to read your book as I have reread the letters several times over the years.

    1. Hi Ruthie ~
      Great to hear from you. I hope you & your grandchildren enjoy reading of Freeman Colby’s adventures in the new graphic novel!
      I’ve not seen Freeman Colby’s 1861-1862 letters, but I suspect he composed his “diary” with their help. A comparison between them (to see what he left out & what unwritten memories he added in) would be very interesting indeed. Henniker Historical has preserved some of his later letters, but I don’t know if it’s the complete set. I’d like to obtain an inventory & try to figure out how complete the archived record is.
      ~ M

  2. I’m ordering another book for my oldest brother because I forgot that no mail is delivered to his home, all goes to his son, Mike. If that first copy ever comes back to you let me know and we can arrange to have it mailed to me.

  3. Just reread your reply. If you are willing I’ll swap you a photo copy of the letters for one or two copies of the book. There are about 75 +- pages. Haven’t had them out in a few years so I guess it’s time to reread them now that I have finished your book. It was great, have never seen or read a graphic book before. Made you feel like you were there.

  4. I was told you were very smart on the St Albans Raid.We have had sword for over a 100 year it was found when they were building Union Carbide it’s a cavalry sword with initials on it .I think may be worth a lot money.

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