Sharjah Sketchbook

Sharjah Sketchbook by Marek Bennett
4.38″x7″/ 154 pages
PAPERBACK / Color Cover / B&W Interior
FORMAT: Graphic Novel
SUBJECT: Travel / Memoir
ISBN: 9781734386905
PUBLISHED BY: Comics Workshop (2020)

Thanks to backers of the KICKSTARTER (March 2020)!

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Sharjah Sketchbook by Marek Bennett

Art, education, & cartoon animals @ Sharjah International Book Fair.

Rabbit’s on the road again, drawing stories & inspiration from the diverse crowds thronging the largest book fair in the Arab world! Created during a teaching trip to Sharjah (United Arab Emirates), these loose, lively diary comics explore themes of migration & travel, language, education, religion, and the role of images & storytelling in a global community.

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SHARJAH Sketchbook!

All art & images ©MMXX Marek Bennett unless otherwise noted.

SHARJAH SKETCHBOOK cover artwork from a source photo by Jessica Fearnow.

The artwork & text of this book in no way represent the Sharjah Book Authority nor any other official entities, & are in fact for the most part arguably little more than the subjective scribblings of a jetlagged cartoon rabbit.

Published by Marek

Cartoonist, musician, teacher.

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