HOUR 72!


(8.5″x11″ ~ 80 pages ~ b&w + color cover)

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A rollicking graphic novel collection of Marek’s first three 24 Hour Comics, featuring the following side-splitting head-spinning classics:

  1. DOG BLESS AMERICA = A good old dog returns to active spy duty, with disastrous results…
  2. CUPPY & THE GANG GO ON A DATE = The gang’s all here, in a magical world of infinite possibilities!  But… what’s with all the fruit?
  3. THE MAKING OF…. = The 24 Hour Comic that draws itself drawing itself!

“Its immediacy and intimacy are guileless, engaging and rewarding.” — Rich Kreiner, The Comics Journal

Sample Pages:

Dog Bless America

DogBless-10-WEB DogBless-17-WEB

Cuppy & the Gang Go on a Date!:

Cuppy-06-WEB Cuppy-11-WEB Cuppy-20-WEB

The Making Of … :

Making-10-WEB Making-14-WEB Making-20-WEB
+ Stick Figure Civil War episodes:
 5th NH: Deployment
  5th NH: First Mission

Published by Marek

Cartoonist, musician, teacher.

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