Breakfast At Mimi’s

9780982415306-BAMPerfect-268-Print2-FRONT+SPINE-SMALL(7.44” x 9.69” ~ 168 pages ~ b&w, color cover)


Breakfast at Mimi’s collects the first three years of Marek Bennett’s Mimi’s Doughnuts comic strips, appealing to readers of all ages with quirky, bittersweet stories from the lives and imaginations of an entire family of characters.

“I was completely blown away… if this can win over an old curmudgeon like me it can win over anybody.” — Optical Sloth

“It’s rare to find mainstream newspaper comic strips with as much emotional honesty as Marek Bennett’s ‘Breakfast at Mimi’s’…”Greg Cook, The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research

“From book’s start to finish, Bennett’s talent as a cartoonist and his diligence as student of the medium are flagrant. His characters (at least the kids) are loose, flexible and lively cartoon embodiments. Staging, backgrounds and scenes are accomplished and practical. Bennett is not afraid to stretch to incorporate the special special effects available to comic strips and he has the professional chops to make them function properly.” — Rich Kreiner, The Comics Journal

Published by Marek

Cartoonist, musician, teacher.

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