Comics Workshop @ Disnard (Feb. 2021)

Hi Disnard Drawing friends! I’ll post materials here throughout our CLiF residency… ~ Marek

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The P*I.E. Process:

We’ll draw all our comics projects using this simple (but powerful) process:

Are you ready to fold a blank “1-sheet” booklet?


More about the “WOOGUMS” mini >>

Revolutionary War Topics:

  • French & Indian War
  • Sugar & Stamp Acts
  • Sons of Liberty
  • Townshend Acts
  • Boston Massacre
  • Boston Tea Party
  • Intolerable Acts
  • First Continental Congress


5M (Morning Session):

Here’s my desktop after our AM & PM sessions:

We practiced marking up a sample source article, in search of F.A.S.T. “Storytelling Tools”:

(1) Here, I’m starting to work on a FRENCH & INDIAN WAR mini with my article (marked up on my desktop, for reference!) & my pencil:

(2) I’ll draw the cover later…
Let’s open up the book & start doodling what we think this story might look like!

Note the (?) in the left margin of my booklet — That means I want to research those details more, & maybe find a source image for them.

ALSO: Here’s what my F.A.S.T. Toolbox looks like in action, drawing a 1-sheet mini “report” about Civil War nurse Sarah Low:


We’re conferencing on student projects today, & looking at some simple tips for making our comics MORE READABLE:

CONFERENCE RESULTS: Marek’s “French & Indian War” Mini (in progress!)

Here are some working notes I made on my mini-comic, after a conference with 5M readers:


PAGES 2-3:

I’m drawing details from my markup of the source article on DAY 1.

PAGES 4-5:

I drew this 2-page spread from photos I found at the “Fort Necessity” official website ( Note that these are MODERN PHOTOS recreating the site, so they’re NOT primary source photos. However, they are considered historically accurate by NPS historians. They include some clues about costumes & tactics, too.

PAGES 6-7:

Back to work! 8^)

More sources:

LOC.GOV Picture Search: “French and Indian War” >>
“Pictorial Americana: FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR” >>

“Life of George Washington–The soldier” (Battle of the Monogahela / 1755) (print, c.1854) “Images of the Revolutionary War” >>


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