Comics Camp 2022 SKETCHBOOK SUMMER (Archive)

Thanks to our 2022 patrons & hosts for a sketchbook-a-riffic COMICS CAMP season!

Daily posts & activities (June-Sept.)

Weekly library events & demo artwork

Printables, & other resources…

This work is PATRON-POWERED!

Here are a few bits & pieces from our…

Penobscot Sketchbooks (Summer 2022)

Selected pages & on-site doodles along the Maine coast.

Sketchbook Mirror Doodles

Abstract, fantasy, & other designs unfolded by mirror-doodle magic!

From the archives:

= Early spaceships, superheroes, & cinematic effects.

= Travel sketches across emerging Europe.

BLANK TEMPLATES: to jump-start your next project…

MINI-COMICS: Drawn w/young artists @ library events…



Our most popular group comics-cranking option.

Diary Comic Demo

How to start a daily comics practice… One little box at a time.

Show ‘n’ Tell Intro

Getting to know each other, in 4 panels…

Top-Secret SUPERHERO TEAM Generator

You’ll be amazed at how your teams come together…

3-Panel Setting Demo

Where are we? Let’s draw out the scene…

DRAW ALONG any time, all summer long, with award-winning cartoonist (& lifelong sketchbooker) Marek Bennett!


Published by Marek

Cartoonist, musician, teacher.

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