LoonToon HOW TO #1: Basic LoonToons

LoonToon How-To #1: Basic LoonToons!

Pocket-size 1-sheet mini-comic / 8 pages

Printable PDF >> [Folding instructions >>]

Read @ Patreon >>

LOONTOONS are my cartoon drawings of common loons. You can print out the PDF mini-comic (above) & fold it into a booklet… Or, grab a pen & paper, & draw along with the video tutorials below!

Here’s a “loontoon” based on a simple teardrop body & circle head:

LIVE-DRAW → | PRINTABLE @ The Patreon →

I’ve greatly simplified our loon’s markings to keep this demo short & clear. (For reference pics of actual loons, see Loon.org > Appearance!)

Diving Loon:

Let’s go underwater in search of lunch!

Flying Loon:

Loons migrate long distances between the ocean (winter) and northern lakes (spring + summer breeding season):

(coming soon)

Good luck with your LoonToon creations!

Published by Marek

Cartoonist, musician, teacher.

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