Greta’s Gallery: Comics Camp 2020 / Weeks 1-2

A Note from GRETA (COMICS CAMP Editor-in-Chief): “Woof woof woofa-woof! (Send me your comics for the gallery!)”

  1. Take a snapshot of your artwork
  2. Contact Marek to send it by email,
  3. OR better yet: post & tag:
    #comicscamp2020 @marekbennett !!

(We use only initials or a screen name for kid artists.)

Thanks, Comics Campers, for all your fun suggestions as we put our heads together to live-draw this 2-Headed Monster!

Action-Blob Characters by L.:

Faces & Characters & Splash Page by MK Czerwiec:

DID YOU KNOW: Some of your fellow Comics Campers are also pro cartoonists! MK is also known as “Comic Nurse” and is a founding member of the Graphic Medicine movement! ~ G

Sidewalk Social-Distancing Monsters (Spotted by Karla):

“EYE Will Get You” by LittlePuzzleArt:

Eyeball Capers (by H.A.):

“Eyeball Saga” by S.H.:

Scuba Chickens @ Comics Camp HQ:

Rev. Kurt Doodles “Thomas Cole”!*

*DID YOU KNOW: Rrrrrev. Kurt also does the “Krazy Chat” comics history series with Marek! ~ G

SCUBA-CHICKEN Outbreak in E.U.!

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Cartoonist, musician, teacher.

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