Ashland Elementary School

Notes & links for COMICS WORKSHOP @ AES (April 2021)

JUMP TO: INTRO / K / 1+2 / 2+3, 4+5 / Middle


Cartooning (simple pictures of ideas)
Comics (multiple images & text + reading order)
P*I.E. Process

Links to some of Marek’s environmental comics:

Comics history of the National Forests:

Music video about John Weeks:


4-panel demo: Start with SETTING…


4-panel demo: Start with SETTING…

2+3, 4+5:

3-panel demo: “Setting+Action+Result”

Starting with setting, & adding actions:

Going back & changing panel 1… + editing in a different ACTION panel:


3-panel demo: Showing SETTING, then zooming in to focus on a detail in the ACTION panel:

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