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20 April 2022: Nice to draw with you all this week! I’m posting snapshots & demo pages below… (Contact me if you’d like a PRINTABLE PDF of our pages.)

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Technique Demos / Printables

PreK-K & Grades 1+2: 4-panel pages

PREP: Teachers may want to fold pages ahead of time for student use. Panel numbers can be added ahead of time OR by students (while w/ Marek).

Pre K / 18+19 April 2022

= The first-ever appearance of our new superhero, Pillow Bunny™!! (We still need a name for her hedgehog sidekick…)

K / 18 April 2022

TO BE DRAWN: What will happen when this dog finds a dollhouse & some dolls?!

GRADE 2 / 18 April 2022

Blob characters:

ABOVE: I like drawing that snail (lower left) because it’s simple, and it looks really hopeful & friendly. My test-readers noticed the character they called “The Princess” (under “WELCOME,” upper right).

Maybe the Snail & the Princess are friends?
Let’s find out…

4-Panel Page in progress:

Grades 3+: 3-panel pages

We’ll set up these pages together:

I recommend the following story-starter approach:

Technique Demos

DEMO: Building a 3-Panel Page for Freeman Colby Vol. 3 (w/ Primary Source Graphics)

Here’s what it looks like when I’m setting up a 3-panel page & finding details in primary source images…


Here are some JPGs to display in your classroom while making comics… Contact Marek for hi-res B&W PDF.


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