Here are some basic tools for the COMICS WORKSHOP classroom…

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The links below will take you to external sites that I use to order my own supplies.


If you will not be able to provide these supplies, please notify Marek 2+ weeks ahead of your event.

  • PENCILS & ERASERS: Just plain pencils are best! We’ll use whatever you have onsite. // SUGGESTED #:  1 per student
    ** EXTRA CREDIT: How about a pencil sharpener? **
  • PAPER: Standard copier/printer paper, 8.5″x11″ and/or 11″x17″ // SUGGESTED #:  10+ pages per student (best to have a whole ream handy)

The following supplies are optional niceties:

  • RULERS: Ideally 1″ wide; we may use them to mark off panel borders & draw straight lines. // SUGGESTED #:  1 per every 2-4 students
  • 2-POCKET FOLDERS: These help artists organize & protect works in progress. // SUGGESTED #:  1 per student
  • SCISSORS + PAPERCLIPS + other standard office supplies…


Hosts may want to pre-order their own sets for post-event use:

Flair Felt-Tip Pens

These provide a controlled, variable line with good solid black coverage.  They dry quickly, and they’re washable, too. These pens (and the markers below) are MUCH easier to use than brushes & nibs & bottles of ink — especially for younger artists.
(Standard price = ~$1.50 each / order from >>… )
(Remember, we use only the BLACK pens in our workshops!)
SUGGESTED #s:  1 pen for every 1-2 students OR 2-4 classroom sets total (of 2 dozen pens each)

Dick Blick Water-Based Markers

These have an excellent chisel-tip, which enables young artists to both fill areas and start exploring line weight with a very controlled instrument. They also dry quickly and wash easily.  WE USE ONLY THE BLACK MARKERS, but they do come in other colors….
(Standard price = ~$0.40 each / Order from >>)
SUGGESTED #:  Same as pens… OR somewhat fewer.

Long Arm Stapler

= a great investment for creative projects! // SUGGESTED #:  Not necessary, but useful! (Your local art room or library may already have one.)


Consumable tools & materials (pens, pencils, rulers, paper, etc.):~$3 per student*
* For larger groups, we’ll require fewer than 1 marker & pen per student.  For example, 3-4 dozen pens (~$70 total) and markers (~$15 total) can be shared among 80-120 students during the residency…
RECOMMENDED: 2-pocket folder for each student (useful for programs longer than 1 class):~$0.50 per student
OPTIONAL: Photocopies (in booklet form, assembled by students) of work by each student: ~$0.10-$3 per student
OPTIONAL: Sample comics [i.e. Breakfast at Mimi’s or Hour 72! or Slovakia … Often summer programs include a book in each student’s materials fee, while school & library programs opt to have books for sale at the culminating event]: $0-10 per student

$3-13 per student.

Facilities/Materials Suggested:


  • digital projector
  • extension cords / power strips
  • blank projection surface (wall, screen, whiteboard, etc.)
  • display paper + easel


  • digital projector + cart (for easy transport between classrooms)
  • blank copier paper
  • basic comics tools (either for the school, or for individual artists to take home after the workshop)

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