Charging @ Spottsylvania Court House (12 May 1864)

2-page spread from Freeman Colby Vol. 3.

Special thanks to my patrons & Winter 2022 school hosts for making this work possible!

SOURCES + VIDEO + MUSIC NOTES @ the Patreon >>

^ Winslow Homer: “Bayonet Charge” (Harper’s Weekly, 1862)

^ Alfred Waud: “Skirmish in the Wilderness” (1864)

MUSIC: “There is a Fountain Fill’d with Blood” (a.k.a. “Praise for the Fountain Opened”) / William Cowper (1772) >>

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    1. Thanks Ruthie. Good to know you’re seeing these. Many more to come… I have been painstakingly reconstructing the progress of the 39th Mass through the first half of May 1864 & this is one moment in the course of the action — The demonstration near Laurel Hill! ~ M

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