Coloring Freeman Colby’s “Wilderness”

How to Draw Freeman Colby #5: “Wilderness” Poster


Here’s a series of live-draws showing the creation of a FREEMAN COLBY poster based on a painting by Winslow Homer…

1. Inking

First we’ll lay down a base black & white ink drawing to outline our scene:

Here’s the source image that launches our poster design: “Skirmish in the Wilderness” by Winslow Homer (1864)

2. Scanning & Digital Processing

Next we’ll scan in our B&W ink drawing, to preserve the line artwork alone. (We’ll come back to the B&W image after we’ve colored the original page in the next step.)

3a. Coloring (PART 1)

Now that we have a B&W scan, we can get out our colored pencils & crayons to lay down some base colors:

3b. Coloring (PART 2)

In this 2nd session, we’ll add some more subtle colors, plus some surprise highlights — all in crayon:

3c. Coloring (PART 3 / Digital)

Now it’s time to scan our color image & process digitally, including adding a layer of the B&W line artwork from STEP 2:

Final scans & process pics
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