Cartooning Basics #1: Shapes & Faces

Anybody can draw cartoons… Follow along at home, & you’ll be surprised at the results!

I’m building a set of HOW-TO videos for students & families to use @ home. Each episode covers a different basic cartooning or comics topic, & has a fun activity or challenge at the end…

This work is PATRON-POWERED!

Turn a page of blank shapes into new faces!
What are these new faces doing?
What do they think & feel about each other?

You can always draw your own shape-sheets, OR print & draw any of the following simple sample files:


  1. You & a friend can each print the same shape-sheet, then fill in the shapes & surprise each other with the results. (You can rotate your page any which way, too!)
  2. Take turns reading each other’s page back to the creator, & listen to what you notice in each other’s cartooning!


  1. What are your character’s names?
    What are they saying?
    Add labels, speech bubbles, sound effects, or anything else that happens while you’re drawing…
  2. Add hats, clothes, & other objects to your characters…
  3. Add setting details around your characters. (Where are they?)
  4. Try inking your shapes! Trace over your pencil lines with a black ink pen or marker to make them easier to read.
  5. Add color with pencils, crayons, &c.

Surprise yourself!

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Cartoonist, musician, teacher.

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