Cartooning Basics #2: Faces & Body Language

Sometimes it helps to act out an idea, and FEEL the picture in your body. Today we’re turning a row of doodled stick-figure faces into a series of cartoons showing body language….


Draw faces with a friend or family member, then swap pages & take turns “reading” (and acting) & drawing each other’s body language!

TEMPLATES & NOTES available @ the Patreon…

Published by Marek

Cartoonist, musician, teacher.

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  1. Thanks Marek!! Online learning is made so much better with great videos like the ones that you share. They are GOOD!! Will share with my students and hopefully you will gain many more followers!! I would love for you to come to meet my budding cartoonists up here when the virus has left… To the future,
    Susan Becker K-12 Visual Arts teacher Sau58 Northumberland schools.

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