1-Sheet (8-Page) Mini-Comic: Set Up Video

This video is dedicated to all my students @ Epping Elementary School, where our COMICS WORKSHOP residency got interrupted during one really crazy week in March, 2020! Good luck with all your comics projects at home, my friends… ~ M


1-Sheet (8p) Folding Guide

= How to turn a blank sheet of paper into a blank 8-page mini-comic!

1-Sheet (8p) Template

= Print & fill with your own comics! (I recommend placing blank paper OVER this template & tracing.)

“Folding a Printed 1-Sheet” Guide

For an already-drawn / printed / photocopied 1-sheet, I use a slightly different folding pattern. This guide helps you keep the Outside Front Cover (a.k.a. OFC a.k.a. PAGE 1) in sight through every step.

Published by Marek

Cartoonist, musician, teacher.

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