“Nicaragua Mia” (Ocalca Camp)

Artwork inspired by the lyrics of “Nicaragua Mia” (Tino Lopez Guerra), as drawn by students at Ocalca coffee camp and the Planting Hope “Big Picture 2014” brigade:
140110-NicaraguaMia-01 (800x632)

140110-NicaraguaMia-02 (800x638)

140110-NicaraguaMia-03 (800x643)

140110-NicaraguaMia-04 (800x633)

140110-NicaraguaMia-05 (800x650)

140110-NicaraguaMia-06 (800x638)

140110-NicaraguaMia-07 (800x638)

140110-NicaraguaMia-08 (800x632)

140110-NicaraguaMia-09 (800x643)

140110-NicaraguaMia-10 (800x636)

140110-NicaraguaMia-11 (800x653)

140110-NicaraguaMia-12 (800x639)

140110-NicaraguaMia-13 (800x620)

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3 thoughts on ““Nicaragua Mia” (Ocalca Camp)

  1. Marcos

    What’s coming across these screens up here is heartwarming. Can only imagine what is going down in person in real time. Bravo to you and all the young artists who are warming our hearts and days here in Henniker!

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