Every day, I stop & draw out one experience that I want to remember from that day. It doesn’t have to be something especially important – often it’s something pretty simple. Something quick, something wondrous, something small, something basic, something grounding… Something REAL.

Here are a couple ways to read along:

  1. Read selected “WONDERS” diary comics as I post them to my Patreon >>
    (They start out as “patrons only” but after a few days they become “public”…)
  2. Receive MONTHLY MINI-COMICS (print &/or PDF) when you join my Patreon >>  Thanks!  Your pledge helps me plan & produce these mini-comics projects.


Chickadee Cupboards (Mini) - Drawn @ library workshops (& by the birdfeeder) in early winter.
D.C.+Virginia Sketchbook (October 2019) - 32 pages of diary comics, drawn while exploring Civil War historical sites & battlefields… A behind-the-scenes look at Rabbit’s footwork & research for Freeman Colby Vol. 3 (1864)! ORDERING INFO: A special print edition mailed out to Patreon members in Fall 2019. SAMPLE PAGES:
Wonders #2.5: This Lethal Light of Mine” (August 2018) - The True Romance & Horror of Fireflies.
Wonders #2 (June 2018) - 32 pages / b&w / Daily doodles about ants, music, fireflies, gardens, skateboards, summer storms, bike crashes, a road trip to the VT Non-Fiction Comics Fest, & more!
Wonders #1 (May 2018) - 20 pages / b&w / "Every day now, I stop & draw out one experience that I want to remember from that day..."


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