How to Draw Freeman Colby #02: Enlisting (August 1862) ← #1: Stick Figure Soldier #3: How to Draw SARAH LOW → Draw along as Marek builds an entire camp scene with basic shapes & our F.A.S.T. (Face/Action/Setting/Text) toolbox. Learn to make expressive stick figure cartoons… EVERYBODY can create comics! TOOLS: pencilpen and/or marker (black ink)paper (any size; Marek’s using 8.5″x11″)eraser Extensions, printables, & […]

“Woogums Goes for a Walk” (1-Sheet / 8 Page)

With schools closed, COMICS WORKSHOP is now entirely supported by readers like you! Please share widely, &… Join the PATREON Back the KICKSTARTER ← BEFORE: 1-Sheet Demo | Folding Guides NEXT: “Woogums #2” (COMING SOONish?!) → Here’s a desktop quick-draw, from blank paper to finished 8-page mini-comic. I didn’t really know how this story […]