Woogums #2: Procrastination Poster

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I couldn’t think of anything to draw for WOOGUMS #2, so instead I started drawing alien gladiator champions… That’s usually how I come up with story ideas.

Printable coloring page & notes @ THE PATREON →

ACTIVITY: Draw Your Own Galactic Gladiators!


  • paper (any size)
  • pencil + eraser
  • black inking pen/marker
  1. Fold a blank sheet of paper to get the half-line.
    Lightly pencil a high arc & a low arc from one side of the page to the other (symmetry!):

2. Lightly pencil in four large regions for your gladiators — two on either side of the half-line (balance!). Make these regions as large as possible, so you’ll have plenty of room to draw each gladiator:

3. In each region, add a blob or crazy shape or “shape idea”… This shape will guide the character of that gladiator. I suppose I could’ve drawn any number of different shapes:

4. Working in pencil, turn each of these shapes into a gladiator (or monster or character or thingy):

(Hmmm, those faces look like they’re all seated around a table…)

Keep an eye out for setting ideas, text (word bubbles), actions, or anything else that happens as you draw.

5. All your gladiator/monster/thingies are looking at something at the bottom right of your page… What is it? This will become the focus of your image:

In the video, my focus (Woogums) appears to the right of the half-line. That disrupts the balance of the poster & makes it a little more exciting:

6. Once you have all your gladiators & focus object penciled, you can go back & trace over them in black ink (just like in the video). For extra credit, try coloring your poster!

Good luck — let us know how your gladiators turn out!

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