We assume the host provides the following items:

  • Tables & chairs
  • pencils* (sharpened & ready to draw, please)
  • erasers*
  • copy paper (8.5×11)*

(If host cannot provide these items, please notify Marek ahead of time & he can bring them.)

Marek will bring inking pens & markers, accessory art tools, & art samples.
For more information about materials, & to order your own, see TOOLS & MATERIALS >>


  • digital projector*
  • screen / display surface
  • Display paper & easel or other display surface*
  • Work tables arranged in a big U or some other shape so we can all see each other & show & discuss art samples, OR…
  • A circle area where we can leave our work space & gather to discuss art samples (on paper or projected) NOTE: This can be in the center of the “big U” of tables.
  • Clip boards (in case of over-attendance, or for any work away from tables)

Questions about materials & equipment? Contact Marek >>